Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My First Official 5k Race & Day 6 of Purification

I ran my first official race on Saturday, Oct 29 and I did awesome! It was the Gary Burns 5k benefitting Frisco Education and I ran my best time yet (37.03 minutes). The weather was great for running...a little cold while standing around waiting for the race to start.

Although I didn't have the same problems as one of my friends that went with me, I did see a lot of bodies falling from being tripped by dogs on leashes and teenagers from several sports teams cutting corners, taking up the majority of the path walking next to each other, and zig zagging thoughout the group for a short sprint.

Other than that, it was a great race! I can definitely tell that I was motivated to run when someone older or a kid under the age of 7 passed me :-)  I was not having that! It was a fun competition and I really enjoyed it.

Jennifer, Me, Jenn

I have already signed up for my next 5k race called Believe in McKinney on Nov 26, then the Frosty 5k in Frisco on Dec 10.

I was on Day 3 of my Standard Process Purification Program when I ran the race. I had organic celery sticks and my shake (whey protein, whole food fiber, flaxseed oil, water and fruit) for breakfast before the race, then an organic apple and water directly after the race. I didn't have any problems and I felt energized!

The SP Purification Program has been going really well so far. My only problem is that on Day 2 I got a migraine and had to leave work an noon to go home to lay down. I didn't think it would be that bad without caffeine because, about six months ago, I had switched from black tea to green tea. Anyway, that was my only day with a headache. I was able to suffer through it without taking any medicine (it is a purification program, so no medicine allowed if not a prescription, if I can do it). I feel the toxins leaving my body as we speak :-)

I even made it through Halloween trick-or-treating last night without sneaking candy from my kids' Halloween baskets.

Melanie was a Bat and Madison was Sleeping Beauty.

So, back to my purification process....I am on Day 6 today. I have two more days on my Cleanse supplements, then I change to the Green Food supplements for the rest of the 21 day program; still drinking the Whey Protein and Whole Food Fiber shakes.

Besides that, I have been eating different organic fruits (mostly in shakes and snacks) and different organic vegetables. This is my first time to try lentils. I use them in my salads and by themselves....taste like beans. I have made my own Balsamic Vinegarette salad dressing with the SP recipe and it is really good and easy! I am going to bake some eggplant and cauliflower tonight. Great thing is that my kids eat all the vegetables as a side with their dinner at night...so I am not cooking two meals.

My advice today: If you just make one change toward better health, choose to buy organic apples and organic celery. These foods are the top 1 and 2 spots on the dirty dozen of having the most pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful to our bodies.

Well, until next time, I am going to keep running and feeding my body organic, healthy foods.

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