Friday, July 1, 2011

Eating Clean & Traveling

It has been a little over a week since my last blog entry. Sorry about that. It has been really crazy and long days at work. This week, I am actually in Reston, VA at our corporate office assisting with our quarterly close activities. I travel up here at least once a quarter.

So here is how I survive the eating dilemma without gaining 5 lbs each trip. The first night I arrive, I go to the local grocery store to buy groceries instead of eating out for 3 meals a day. I make sure I stay at a hotel with a refrigerator (petite size is what I get, but good for up to a week). I always make my grocery list and meal planner during my flight so I am prepared when I go to the store. My office has a mini-kitchen/break area, so I can bring my lunch and dinner with me to work. I say "dinner" too because we are usually here through dinner-time also.

I DO NOT BUY FROZEN MEALS!!!! That is not the answer :)

Here is my plan this week. I was only here for 3 full days.

Breakfast - banana, organic peach, greek organic yogurt
Snack - handful naked almonds
Lunch - Wolfgang Puck organic black bean soup (added some fresh made local salsa)
Snack - organic grapes, laughing cow cheese spread with a few nut thin crackers
Dinner - salad: bought prewashed organic spring mix with herbs, organic cherry tomatoes, english cucumber and Newman's Own natural ginger dressing

Breakfast - banana, organic peach, greek organic yogurt
Snack - handful naked almonds
Lunch - baked organic potato (microwave 6 minutes), spread with the laughing cow cheese spread (favorite flavor - I use the chipotle queso), and top with some of the fresh local salsa. Made a side salad out of the spring mix, tomatoes, english cucumber
Snack - organic grapes and strawberries, couple more almonds for crunch
Dinner - TREAT: picked up cheese tortellini from Italian restaurant and ate in bed (half portion)

Breakfast - 2 bananas, greek organic yogurt
Lunch - Wolfgang Puck organic chicken noodle soup, and organic baked potato with the laughing cow cheese spread and salsa
Snack - baby carrots and garlic hummus (shared with office)
Dinner - salad - use remaining spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber - top with handful naked almonds.

I am attending a Weight Watchers meeting at 8:30 a.m. in Virginia. I am excited about seeing what goes on at these meetings in a different state. It is also scary because I weigh myself every day to see how I am doing and what to expect before I go to my normal WW meeting. I don't have a scale with me so it will be a total surprise.

After my meeting, I am heading to the airport. I will eat a salad for early lunch from Max & Erma's. They have a great Main Street salad with grilled chicken.

Just a note to remember, I know that my meal plan up top sounds a little repetitive, but I want to buy as little ingredients as possible and use them over and over so I don't waste them. I try to use them in different ways so it doesn't get too boring. Like this time, I will have salad dressing left over, so I will just leave that in the work refrigerator for others to use.

I also at least eat one meal from a restaurant in my hotel bed as a special relaxing treat for myself.

Other good snacks would be the healthy choice popcorn, all organic fruit, organic greek yogurt, naked almonds (limited), baby organic carrots or naked pita chips with garlic hummus.

I hope this is helpful for you on traveling and still being able to stay on a healthy eating track and eating clean/organic foods. I got plenty of protein in the organic black bean soup, organic chicken noodle soup and the greek yogurt.

Next week, I will get some new recipe pictures posted for your enjoyment :)

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