Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Blogger

I am a new blogger! This will be my first blog with many more to come. I am very passionate about cooking clean, healthy meals for my family. My twins are five year old and I want them to grow up to make their own healthy decisions on food later in life.

I know eating healthy and clean 100% of the time is near impossible, especially in this day with all the fast food and GM (genetically modified) food offered today. I strive, for myself and my family, to eat clean at least 85% of the time; that is about 3 meals a week that aren't "clean" or necessary healthy. My weakness is cheese enchiladas with queso. I love cheese and enjoy eating out at restaurants a couple times a week. When eating at home or taking my lunch to work, I have full control of what I put in my body and 85% is a good target!

I like to experiment with different recipes while cooking meals for my family. I also work full time, so I find short cuts on quick clean meals. There are no excuses, not even money. Kroger grocery store has an awesome natural foods section in their stores. Next to the bulk bins are machines that will grind whole almonds and peanuts. This is where I get my almond butter and peanut butter. I know it is made from pure nuts because I am grinding them right there. A container of peanut butter is about $1.75; very comparable to Jiff or Peter Pan that have 10 plus ingredients.

My goal for this blog is to cook meals, post a picture of that meals and provide my family review of what they thought about the meal. I also like to do a little research on the latest information about clean foods...I will post those results too. We have fun family moments to share. I am also still trying to lose my 'baby' fat 5 years later so I am doing Weight Watchers. I am on week 16 and I have lost 22.8 lbs. My total goal is 62 lbs. I will add those updates on my blog as well. Sometimes I travel for work and I will post information on how to eat clean and travel. And just anything else that pops in my head!!!

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